Sparta, IL
Upcoming Live Local Concerts and Tour Dates 2017

Popular Artists Playing Near Sparta

Upcoming Dates

Date Lineup Venue
Trevor Thomas Drama Ministries Sparta Sep 22 Trevor Thomas Drama Ministries
Murphy500 Sparta Sep 22 Murphy500
Porter Union Sparta Sep 23 Porter Union
The Great Romance Sparta Sep 23 The Great Romance
Charlotte Street Sparta Sep 23 Charlotte Street
Coy Taylor Sparta Sep 23 Coy Taylor
Bullseye Womprats Sparta Sep 23 Bullseye Womprats
The Phillips Band Sparta Sep 23 The Phillips Band
Adam Lee Sparta Sep 24 Adam Lee
Porter Union Sparta Sep 24 Porter Union
Well Hungarians Sparta Sep 24 Well Hungarians
Well Hungarians Sparta Sep 28 Well Hungarians
Matthew Smith Sparta Sep 29 Matthew Smith, Matthew Will Also Give A Seminar On Hymns At 8:15 PM AFTER the Concert
Sam Lewis Sparta Sep 30 Sam Lewis
Well Hungarians Sparta Sep 30 Well Hungarians
Old Salt Union Sparta Sep 30 Old Salt Union, Jamestown Revival, Sam Lewis and 2 more...
Jamestown Revival Sparta Sep 30 Jamestown Revival, Old Salt Union
The Steepwater Band Sparta Sep 30 The Steepwater Band
Nick Bearden Sparta Sep 30 Nick Bearden, Jamestown Revival, Sam Lewis and 3 more...
Bud Summers Music Page Sparta Sep 30 Bud Summers Music Page