Sokndal, Norway
Upcoming Live Local Concerts and Tour Dates 2017

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Upcoming Dates

Date Lineup Venue
Frode Johansen Sokndal Aug 18 Frode Johansen
Eva Weel Skram Sokndal Aug 19 Eva Weel Skram
Frode Johansen Sokndal Aug 19 Frode Johansen
Ole Paus Sokndal Aug 24 Ole Paus
Ninebarrow Sokndal Aug 27 Ninebarrow
Geir Sundstøl - sundstoel Sokndal Sep 07 Geir Sundstøl - sundstoel
The Filth And The Fury - Sex Pistols Tribute Sokndal Sep 15 The Filth And The Fury - Sex Pistols Tribute
Iron Made 'em Sokndal Sep 15 Iron Made 'em
Battle Beast Sokndal Sep 16 Battle Beast
Pagan's Mind Sokndal Sep 16 Pagan's Mind, Sea Of Dreams, VuyK and 3 more...
Sea Of Dreams Sokndal Sep 16 Sea Of Dreams
VuyK Sokndal Sep 16 VuyK
kal-el Sokndal Sep 16 kal-el
Painkiller Sokndal Sep 16 Painkiller
House By The Lake Sokndal Sep 23 House By The Lake, Woodland Circus
PUST Sokndal Sep 24 PUST, PUST
Elin Furubotn Sokndal Oct 19 Elin Furubotn
TØNES Sokndal Oct 25 TØNES
Tore Renberg Sokndal Oct 26 Tore Renberg
Tore Renberg Sokndal Oct 27 Tore Renberg