Sodus, NY
Upcoming Live Local Concerts and Tour Dates 2017

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Upcoming Dates

Date Lineup Venue
Celebrate Smith 2017! Sodus Sep 22 Celebrate Smith 2017!
Mathew Horn Sodus Sep 22 Mathew Horn
Geneva City Manager Sodus Sep 22 Geneva City Manager
The Ende Brothers Sodus Sep 22 The Ende Brothers
Madelein Smith Sodus Sep 22 Madelein Smith
Beth Beer Cuddy Sodus Sep 22 Beth Beer Cuddy
Kelsey Claire Hagen Sodus Sep 22 Kelsey Claire Hagen
Paul Anka Sodus Sep 22 Paul Anka
Alyssa Trahan Sodus Sep 22 Alyssa Trahan
Small Town Shade Sodus Sep 22 Small Town Shade
Mike MacDonald Sodus Sep 23 Mike MacDonald
Peter Mack Sodus Sep 23 Peter Mack
The Macktet Sodus Sep 23 The Macktet
The Funky Blu Roots Sodus Sep 23 The Funky Blu Roots
The Native Howl Sodus Sep 23 The Native Howl
John Dare Trio at Refinery Sodus Sep 23 John Dare Trio at Refinery
Paradigm Shift Jazz Sodus Sep 23 Paradigm Shift Jazz, Paradigm Shift
Green Rose Acoustic Sodus Sep 23 Green Rose Acoustic
Alyssa Trahan Sodus Sep 23 Alyssa Trahan