Simbach, Germany
Upcoming Live Local Concerts and Tour Dates 2017

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Upcoming Dates

Date Lineup Venue
De Amsterdam Klezmer Band Simbach Sep 28 De Amsterdam Klezmer Band, De Amsterdam Klezmer Band
DJ Benjamin Zane Simbach Sep 28 DJ Benjamin Zane
3 Männer nur Simbach Sep 29 3 Männer nur
Gitarre  Simbach Sep 29 Gitarre 
Gitarre Simbach Sep 29 Gitarre
KopfKino Band Simbach Sep 29 KopfKino Band
Lucy van Kuhl Simbach Sep 29 Lucy van Kuhl
Leave Simbach Sep 29 Leave
Hannes S. Simbach Sep 29 Hannes S.
Tenside Simbach Sep 30 Tenside
Lonely Spring Simbach Sep 30 Lonely Spring, Tenside, The Final Impact
Tim Tailor (Official) Simbach Sep 30 Tim Tailor (Official), Tim Tailor
blue danube events Simbach Oct 01 blue danube events
The Weight Simbach Oct 02 The Weight
The Brains Simbach Oct 02 The Brains
Tobi S. Simbach Oct 02 Tobi S.
Kyrie Kristmanson Simbach Oct 04 Kyrie Kristmanson
Claudia Koreck Simbach Oct 05 Claudia Koreck
Die Amigos Simbach Oct 05 Die Amigos
DJ Benjamin Zane Simbach Oct 05 DJ Benjamin Zane