Sillian, Austria
Upcoming Live Local Concerts and Tour Dates 2017

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Upcoming Dates

Date Lineup Venue
DJ Smashbeat Sillian Oct 20 DJ Smashbeat
DJ Smashbeat Sillian Oct 21 DJ Smashbeat
BC Beasts Sillian Oct 21 BC Beasts
Dj Rodario Sillian Oct 21 Dj Rodario
Dreamshade Sillian Oct 27 Dreamshade, Eskimo Callboy
Rick cue Sillian Oct 27 Rick cue
7 Dials Mystery Sillian Oct 27 7 Dials Mystery, Stunde Null, Insanity Alert
Valmir Lira & Percussão Sillian Oct 28 Valmir Lira & Percussão
Die Stockhiatla Sillian Oct 28 Die Stockhiatla
Rick cue Sillian Oct 28 Rick cue
BC Beasts Sillian Oct 28 BC Beasts
Rick cue Sillian Oct 31 Rick cue
DJ Smashbeat Sillian Nov 04 DJ Smashbeat
Tracii Guns Sillian Nov 10 Tracii Guns, L.A. GUNS W/Tracii Guns And Phil Lewis, Stone Trigger
L.A. GUNS W/Tracii Guns And Phil Lewis Sillian Nov 10 L.A. GUNS W/Tracii Guns And Phil Lewis, Tracii Guns, Stone Trigger
BC Beasts Sillian Nov 11 BC Beasts
Dialektgruppe Findling Sillian Nov 11 Dialektgruppe Findling
Rick cue Sillian Nov 17 Rick cue
Harris & Ford Sillian Nov 17 Harris & Ford
BC Beasts Sillian Nov 18 BC Beasts