Sherman, TX
Upcoming Live Local Concerts and Tour Dates 2017

Popular Artists Playing Near Sherman

Upcoming Dates

Date Lineup Venue
The Five West Band Sherman Sep 20 The Five West Band
Jeff Smithart Sherman Sep 20 Jeff Smithart
American Aquarium Sherman Sep 21 American Aquarium
Jamie Weger and the Southern Sons Sherman Sep 21 Jamie Weger and the Southern Sons
Gary P. Nunn Sherman Sep 23 Gary P. Nunn
Jarrod Birmingham Sherman Sep 23 Jarrod Birmingham, Mike and the Moonpies, Deryl Dodd
Mike and the Moonpies Sherman Sep 23 Mike and the Moonpies, Deryl Dodd
TwoGunHattie Sherman Sep 23 TwoGunHattie
Dalton Domino Sherman Sep 23 Dalton Domino
Deryl Dodd Sherman Sep 23 Deryl Dodd
Dakota Drummond Sherman Sep 23 Dakota Drummond
Droo's Peace Crush Sherman Sep 26 Droo's Peace Crush
Matt Begley Sherman Sep 28 Matt Begley
Radio Birds Sherman Sep 29 Radio Birds
Prag Padilla Sherman Sep 29 Prag Padilla
Maylee Thomas Band Sherman Sep 30 Maylee Thomas Band
Fall Mud Ball Sherman Oct 01 Fall Mud Ball
Zane Williams Sherman Oct 06 Zane Williams
Cameran Nelson Sherman Oct 06 Cameran Nelson
Jeff Smithart Sherman Oct 07 Jeff Smithart