Shelby, NC
Upcoming Live Local Concerts and Tour Dates 2017

Popular Artists Playing Near Shelby

Upcoming Dates

Date Lineup Venue
Jack Greer Music Shelby Sep 22 Jack Greer Music
CleveCo Shelby Sep 22 CleveCo
The Trongone Band Shelby Sep 22 The Trongone Band, The Trongone Band
Redleg Husky Shelby Sep 22 Redleg Husky
Dirty Grass Soul Shelby Sep 22 Dirty Grass Soul, South 85
If Birds Could Fly Shelby Sep 22 If Birds Could Fly
Morgan Riley Shelby Sep 22 Morgan Riley
CleveCo Shelby Sep 23 CleveCo
Pistol Hill Shelby Sep 23 Pistol Hill
Eyes Set to Kill Shelby Sep 23 Eyes Set to Kill, Wednesday 13
You Knew Me When Shelby Sep 23 You Knew Me When
Dirty Grass Soul Shelby Sep 23 Dirty Grass Soul
Wednesday 13 Shelby Sep 23 Wednesday 13, Eyes Set to Kill, Repulsur
Repulsur Shelby Sep 23 Repulsur
Big Time Wrestling Shelby Sep 23 Big Time Wrestling
Magnolia Wind Shelby Sep 23 Magnolia Wind
The Suffers Shelby Sep 23 The Suffers
Abacab - The Music Of Genesis Shelby Sep 23 Abacab - The Music Of Genesis
Girlinterrupted Groupies Shelby Sep 23 Girlinterrupted Groupies
Driven Ministries Shelby Sep 24 Driven Ministries