Semily, Czech Republic
Upcoming Live Local Concerts and Tour Dates 2017

Popular Artists Playing Near Semily

Upcoming Dates

Date Lineup Venue
Brando's Eyes Semily Oct 27 Brando's Eyes, Brando's Eyes, Capture Or Kill and 1 more...
Chris Sadler Semily Oct 27 Chris Sadler
TMT Semily Oct 27 TMT
Michele Cavalletto (CavallettoSound Official) Semily Oct 27 Michele Cavalletto (CavallettoSound Official), Matisse & Sadko, NEW_ID and 1 more...
John Culter Semily Oct 27 John Culter
Doxi Semily Oct 28 Doxi
Homesick (HC) Semily Oct 28 Homesick (HC)
Chinaski Semily Oct 28 Chinaski
Kabát Semily Oct 28 Kabát
Nicolai Ditsch Semily Oct 29 Nicolai Ditsch
Kabát Semily Nov 02 Kabát
Fast Food Orchestra Semily Nov 03 Fast Food Orchestra, Circus Brothers
John Culter Semily Nov 03 John Culter
Rosh Semily Nov 03 Rosh
Snap Call Semily Nov 04 Snap Call, Curlies, Silent Session
Forbidden Society Semily Nov 04 Forbidden Society
Angstbreaker Semily Nov 04 Angstbreaker, XINQUISITIONx
NoWiS Semily Nov 10 NoWiS
Lukas Innemann Semily Nov 10 Lukas Innemann