Selma, CA
Upcoming Live Local Concerts and Tour Dates 2017

Popular Artists Playing Near Selma

Upcoming Dates

Date Lineup Venue
Rudy Parris Selma Sep 22 Rudy Parris
Ladies Of Native Comedy Selma Sep 22 Ladies Of Native Comedy
KYTV Selma Sep 22 KYTV
Unofficial: THE WORX BAND Selma Sep 22 Unofficial: THE WORX BAND
Adrian Uribe Selma Sep 23 Adrian Uribe
Omar Chapparo Selma Sep 23 Omar Chapparo
Omar Chaparro Selma Sep 23 Omar Chaparro
Amateur Boxing Selma Sep 23 Amateur Boxing
Dakota Crossing Selma Sep 23 Dakota Crossing
Nu Shooz Selma Sep 23 Nu Shooz, Morris Day & The Time, Club Nouveau and 4 more...
James Alan Johnston Selma Sep 23 James Alan Johnston
Slow Season Selma Sep 23 Slow Season
Rakim Selma Sep 23 Rakim
ONE oz. Selma Sep 23 ONE oz.
Rick Wood Selma Sep 23 Rick Wood, Rick Wood, Lisa Curry
Gregor Ross and the 4 Horsemen Selma Sep 23 Gregor Ross and the 4 Horsemen
Elk Skin Rug Band Selma Sep 23 Elk Skin Rug Band
Unofficial: THE WORX BAND Selma Sep 23 Unofficial: THE WORX BAND
The Morning Drive Selma Sep 23 The Morning Drive, The Morning Drive
Pikfunk Music Selma Sep 24 Pikfunk Music