Schweinfurt, Germany
Upcoming Live Local Concerts and Tour Dates 2017

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Upcoming Dates

Date Lineup Venue
Canadian Brass Schweinfurt Sep 28 Canadian Brass, Canadian Brass
VAN HOLZEN Schweinfurt Sep 29 VAN HOLZEN, 8kids
8kids Schweinfurt Sep 29 8kids
Valdemossa Schweinfurt Sep 29 Valdemossa
Baby D. Schweinfurt Sep 29 Baby D.
Melting Batteries Schweinfurt Sep 30 Melting Batteries, Unbesiegt, Rising End and 2 more...
Clueso Schweinfurt Sep 30 Clueso
Drawing Circles Schweinfurt Sep 30 Drawing Circles
Runaway Dead Schweinfurt Sep 30 Runaway Dead, Turn The Course, April In Flames
Pat Benedetti Schweinfurt Sep 30 Pat Benedetti
8kids Schweinfurt Oct 01 8kids
VAyL Schweinfurt Oct 02 VAyL, Gorilla Monsoon, VAyL
Kev Minney Schweinfurt Oct 02 Kev Minney
Отворена брачна двойка  Schweinfurt Oct 02 Отворена брачна двойка 
Della Lupa Schweinfurt Oct 02 Della Lupa, Kevin Minney
8kids Schweinfurt Oct 04 8kids
Welicoruss Schweinfurt Oct 05 Welicoruss
8kids Schweinfurt Oct 05 8kids
Lord Bishop Rocks Schweinfurt Oct 05 Lord Bishop Rocks
Schiller Schweinfurt Oct 05 Schiller