Scandiano, Italy
Upcoming Live Local Concerts and Tour Dates 2017

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Upcoming Dates

Date Lineup Venue
Low Ranger Scandiano Sep 22 Low Ranger
NSMGA Nonsiamomicagliamericani Scandiano Sep 22 NSMGA Nonsiamomicagliamericani, Franco Lagazzi, Paolo Seghedoni and 4 more...
W.P.L Scandiano Sep 23 W.P.L
Floraleda Sacchi Scandiano Sep 23 Floraleda Sacchi
Andrea Carri (composer) fan page Scandiano Sep 23 Andrea Carri (composer) fan page
Orchestra MARCO & ALICE Scandiano Sep 23 Orchestra MARCO & ALICE
Uochi Toki Scandiano Sep 23 Uochi Toki
Angelo Bass Scandiano Sep 23 Angelo Bass
The Beatbox Scandiano Sep 24 The Beatbox
Adversor Scandiano Sep 25 Adversor
Paolo Doesn't Play With Us Scandiano Sep 29 Paolo Doesn't Play With Us
dj Ricky Gaddi Scandiano Sep 30 dj Ricky Gaddi
Orchestra MARCO & ALICE Scandiano Oct 01 Orchestra MARCO & ALICE
House of Broken Promises Scandiano Oct 01 House of Broken Promises, black bone
Kaos IndiA Scandiano Oct 04 Kaos IndiA, The Stanleys, Kaos IndiA
Nino D'Angelo Scandiano Oct 06 Nino D'Angelo
Klogr Scandiano Oct 07 Klogr
Orchestra MARCO & ALICE Scandiano Oct 07 Orchestra MARCO & ALICE
Wanton Ways Scandiano Oct 07 Wanton Ways, Wanton Ways