Sayre, PA
Upcoming Live Local Concerts and Tour Dates 2017

Popular Artists Playing Near Sayre

Upcoming Dates

Date Lineup Venue
GWé Sayre Sep 24 GWé
Tom Keifer (Official) Sayre Sep 24 Tom Keifer (Official)
Warrant Sayre Sep 24 Warrant
Dapper Dan Sayre Sep 27 Dapper Dan
The Jess Novak Band Sayre Sep 29 The Jess Novak Band
Abe Parker Music Sayre Sep 29 Abe Parker Music
Kitestring Sayre Sep 29 Kitestring
Grit N Grace Sayre Sep 29 Grit N Grace
Woodshed Prophets Sayre Sep 29 Woodshed Prophets
Cold World Sayre Sep 30 Cold World, District 9 NYHC, Dead End Path and 5 more...
Sirsy Sayre Sep 30 Sirsy
Virgil Cain Sayre Sep 30 Virgil Cain
Thomas Westcott Sayre Sep 30 Thomas Westcott
The Appleseed Collective Sayre Oct 02 The Appleseed Collective, Appleseed Collective
Virgil Cain Sayre Oct 05 Virgil Cain
David Michael Miller Sayre Oct 06 David Michael Miller
Thomas Westcott Sayre Oct 06 Thomas Westcott
Nick Andrew Staver Sayre Oct 07 Nick Andrew Staver
Nate Gross Music Sayre Oct 13 Nate Gross Music
John Rybak Sayre Oct 13 John Rybak