Savanna, IL
Upcoming Live Local Concerts and Tour Dates 2017

Popular Artists Playing Near Savanna

Upcoming Dates

Date Lineup Venue
Highly Suspect Savanna Sep 28 Highly Suspect
DJ Redbees Savanna Sep 28 DJ Redbees
Jef Spradley Savanna Sep 29 Jef Spradley
Static Signal Savanna Sep 29 Static Signal, Static Signal
The Ethan Bell Band Savanna Sep 29 The Ethan Bell Band
Snake Oil Barons Savanna Sep 30 Snake Oil Barons
Summer Son Savanna Sep 30 Summer Son
Suburban Cowboys Savanna Sep 30 Suburban Cowboys
DJ Krazy Karl Savanna Oct 07 DJ Krazy Karl
Funky Munky Wrestling Savanna Oct 07 Funky Munky Wrestling
Minor Decline Savanna Oct 07 Minor Decline, Buggy Lewis & the Rabbit Grenades, The Shidiots
Dan DiMonte Savanna Oct 11 Dan DiMonte
Whiskey High Music Savanna Oct 14 Whiskey High Music
Brian Keith Wallen Savanna Oct 14 Brian Keith Wallen
The Lone Canary Savanna Oct 20 The Lone Canary
Joie Wails Band Savanna Oct 21 Joie Wails Band
Jake McVey Savanna Oct 21 Jake McVey
Reid Muchow, Musician Savanna Oct 21 Reid Muchow, Musician
Brandon Santini Savanna Oct 21 Brandon Santini
Chris Crofton Savanna Oct 24 Chris Crofton