Salado, TX
Upcoming Live Local Concerts and Tour Dates 2017

Popular Artists Playing Near Salado

Upcoming Dates

Date Lineup Venue
Dongle Salado Nov 18 Dongle
Erik Zamora Salado Nov 18 Erik Zamora
Kat&Jared Salado Nov 18 Kat&Jared
Austin Spurs Salado Nov 18 Austin Spurs
South Bay Lakers Salado Nov 18 South Bay Lakers
Alex Winters Salado Nov 18 Alex Winters
Electric Circus Band Salado Nov 18 Electric Circus Band
Jack Kerowax Salado Nov 18 Jack Kerowax
The Ron Barber Band Salado Nov 18 The Ron Barber Band
Brandon Alan Salado Nov 22 Brandon Alan
Keith Michael Kallina Salado Nov 22 Keith Michael Kallina
DJ Kinect/Remember Productions Salado Nov 24 DJ Kinect/Remember Productions, Triple thr33, Antwoine and 2 more...
Calvin Martyr Salado Nov 24 Calvin Martyr
Ed Johns Salado Nov 24 Ed Johns
Second Hand Rose Band Salado Nov 24 Second Hand Rose Band
Michael Carubelli Salado Nov 24 Michael Carubelli
Hot Pickin 57s Salado Nov 24 Hot Pickin 57s, Eddie Collins & Max Zimmet Duo
Garrett Ford & The Limestone Cowboys Salado Nov 25 Garrett Ford & The Limestone Cowboys
Audry Oliver Salado Nov 25 Audry Oliver
Jake Pyeatt Salado Nov 25 Jake Pyeatt