Rush City, MN
Upcoming Live Local Concerts and Tour Dates 2017

Popular Artists Playing Near Rush City

Upcoming Dates

Date Lineup Venue
M FRENCH Rush City Sep 28 M FRENCH, Sarah Morris, Doug Collins
Cutting Board Classic Rush City Sep 30 Cutting Board Classic
Mark Joseph Rush City Sep 30 Mark Joseph
Rock It Man Entertainment Rush City Sep 30 Rock It Man Entertainment
The Farmer's Daughters Rush City Sep 30 The Farmer's Daughters
The Rowdy Cowboy Show Rush City Oct 06 The Rowdy Cowboy Show
The Goodies band Rush City Oct 07 The Goodies band
Erin Grand Rush City Oct 07 Erin Grand, Erin and Madison, Erin Grand
The Fab Four Rush City Oct 07 The Fab Four
Micky Dolenz Rush City Oct 07 Micky Dolenz
Mark Lindsay Rush City Oct 07 Mark Lindsay
Hitchville Rush City Oct 07 Hitchville
The Farmer's Daughters Rush City Oct 07 The Farmer's Daughters
Mark Stone Rush City Oct 14 Mark Stone, 2 Dudes with Acoustic Guitars
2 Mile Final Rush City Oct 14 2 Mile Final
Ronnie Milsap Rush City Oct 20 Ronnie Milsap
Tim Houlihan Music Rush City Oct 20 Tim Houlihan Music
Junk FM Rush City Oct 21 Junk FM
Dallas Brass Rush City Oct 23 Dallas Brass
Chris Kroeze Music Rush City Oct 27 Chris Kroeze Music