Rozzano, Italy
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Upcoming Dates

Date Lineup Venue
Levi Parham Rozzano Sep 24 Levi Parham
Riccardo DRAW Raviola Rozzano Sep 24 Riccardo DRAW Raviola, Riccardo DRAW Raviola, The Toughest Sound System
The Toughest Sound System Rozzano Sep 24 The Toughest Sound System, The Toughest Sound System, Riccardo DRAW Raviola
Middle Finger Punk Rock Rozzano Sep 24 Middle Finger Punk Rock, Middle Finger Punk Rock, Millwanks and 1 more...
Papa Roach Rozzano Sep 24 Papa Roach
Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes Rozzano Sep 24 Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes, Papa Roach
Yvonne Mwale Rozzano Sep 24 Yvonne Mwale
Hound Dog Rockers Rozzano Sep 24 Hound Dog Rockers
Hansel Und Gretel [opera] Rozzano Sep 24 Hansel Und Gretel [opera]
Subliminal Fear Rozzano Sep 24 Subliminal Fear, Evergrey, Need
Cumino Rozzano Sep 24 Cumino
Buon Compleanno Mimi Rozzano Sep 24 Buon Compleanno Mimi
Buon Compleanno Mimi´ Rozzano Sep 24 Buon Compleanno Mimi´
Canto Antico Rozzano Sep 24 Canto Antico
Evergrey Rozzano Sep 24 Evergrey
Levi Parham Rozzano Sep 25 Levi Parham
Tamerlano Rozzano Sep 25 Tamerlano
Lady Gaga Rozzano Sep 26 Lady Gaga
Little Mons†ers Fan Club Rozzano Sep 26 Little Mons†ers Fan Club
Spiral Stairs - Preston School of Industry Rozzano Sep 27 Spiral Stairs - Preston School of Industry