Roodhouse, IL
Upcoming Live Local Concerts and Tour Dates 2017

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Upcoming Dates

Date Lineup Venue
Bud Summers Music Page Roodhouse Sep 24 Bud Summers Music Page
Borderline (St. Louis) Roodhouse Sep 30 Borderline (St. Louis)
Scott Wyatt Roodhouse Sep 30 Scott Wyatt
Fletcher Rockwell Roodhouse Oct 07 Fletcher Rockwell
Scott Wyatt Roodhouse Oct 07 Scott Wyatt
Rob Little Roodhouse Oct 07 Rob Little
Wreckless Whiskey Roodhouse Oct 07 Wreckless Whiskey
Gracia Harrison Roodhouse Oct 14 Gracia Harrison
Scott Wyatt Roodhouse Oct 21 Scott Wyatt
Kris Anderson Roodhouse Nov 10 Kris Anderson
Travis Marvin Roodhouse Nov 10 Travis Marvin
Trenton P Roodhouse Nov 10 Trenton P
Struggle Jennings Roodhouse Nov 10 Struggle Jennings
Trenton P Roodhouse Nov 11 Trenton P, Upchurch The Redneck
Dan Hubbard Roodhouse Dec 03 Dan Hubbard
Scott Marek Roodhouse Jan 27, 2018 Scott Marek
Scott Marek Roodhouse Apr 07, 2018 Scott Marek
Scott Marek Roodhouse Oct 27, 2018 Scott Marek