Rodange, Luxembourg
Upcoming Live Local Concerts and Tour Dates 2017

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Upcoming Dates

Date Lineup Venue
Drawing Circles Rodange Aug 20 Drawing Circles
Rotters Damn Rodange Aug 20 Rotters Damn
Beach Fossils Rodange Aug 21 Beach Fossils
Holy Fuck Rodange Aug 24 Holy Fuck
Hein Cooper Rodange Aug 25 Hein Cooper
Aslove Rodange Aug 25 Aslove
Alex Bianchi Rodange Aug 25 Alex Bianchi
Natanael Ramos Music Rodange Aug 25 Natanael Ramos Music
Little Roman & The Dirty Cats Rodange Aug 25 Little Roman & The Dirty Cats
Louis Piscine Rodange Aug 25 Louis Piscine
Eran Har Even Rodange Aug 25 Eran Har Even
DOOMSQUAD Rodange Aug 25 DOOMSQUAD, car seat headrest
Carolina Bubbico Rodange Aug 25 Carolina Bubbico, Filippo Bubbico, Federico Pecoraro and 1 more...
die Kackbatzen Rodange Aug 26 die Kackbatzen
The Butcher's Rodeo Rodange Aug 29 The Butcher's Rodeo
The Prestige Rodange Aug 29 The Prestige, The Butcher's Rodeo
Luxembourg vs Belarus Rodange Aug 31 Luxembourg vs Belarus
Dr. Slide & Blind Dog Mayer Rodange Aug 31 Dr. Slide & Blind Dog Mayer
Ambassador21 Rodange Sep 01 Ambassador21