Riccione, Italy
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Upcoming Dates

Date Lineup Venue
Living Theory - Linkin Park tribute Riccione Sep 20 Living Theory - Linkin Park tribute
Hernandez & Sampedro Riccione Sep 21 Hernandez & Sampedro
Several Union Riccione Sep 23 Several Union, Several Union, Figure of Six and 4 more...
Outer Riccione Sep 23 Outer, Figure of Six, Creep and 4 more...
Shameless Back to School Riccione Sep 23 Shameless Back to School
DJ Lappa Riccione Sep 30 DJ Lappa, Sunday Morning
Apertura Vidia 34 Riccione Sep 30 Apertura Vidia 34
Stars At Night Riccione Oct 11 Stars At Night
R  Y  F Riccione Oct 13 R Y F
Nina Zilli Riccione Oct 14 Nina Zilli
Tall Tall Trees Riccione Oct 14 Tall Tall Trees
Luciano Ligabue Riccione Oct 18 Luciano Ligabue
Brant Bjork Riccione Oct 18 Brant Bjork
Viscera/// Riccione Oct 21 Viscera///, bologna violenta, Buffalo Grillz and 1 more...
In Hearts Wake Riccione Oct 21 In Hearts Wake
Lost in Kiev Riccione Oct 22 Lost in Kiev, Thalos
Christopher the Conquered Riccione Oct 22 Christopher the Conquered
Finley Riccione Oct 31 Finley
Zolle Riccione Nov 03 Zolle
Youth of Today Riccione Nov 10 Youth of Today