Rensselaer, IN
Upcoming Live Local Concerts and Tour Dates 2017

Popular Artists Playing Near Rensselaer

Upcoming Dates

Date Lineup Venue
Cody Collier Music Rensselaer Sep 24 Cody Collier Music
The Hunter Smith Band Rensselaer Oct 07 The Hunter Smith Band
Sanctus Real Rensselaer Oct 07 Sanctus Real
Kyle Bledsoe Rensselaer Oct 07 Kyle Bledsoe
Megan Golden Rensselaer Oct 13 Megan Golden
Megan Golden Rensselaer Oct 14 Megan Golden
Kyle Bledsoe Rensselaer Oct 14 Kyle Bledsoe
Jay & Laura Laffoon Rensselaer Oct 20 Jay & Laura Laffoon
Alanna Story Rensselaer Oct 21 Alanna Story
Robert Rolfe Feddersen Rensselaer Oct 26 Robert Rolfe Feddersen, Robert Rolfe Feddersen
The April Verch Band Rensselaer Oct 28 The April Verch Band
The Sons Family Rensselaer Nov 04 The Sons Family
Robert Rolfe Feddersen Rensselaer Nov 30 Robert Rolfe Feddersen, Robert Rolfe Feddersen
Joseph Habedank Rensselaer Dec 01 Joseph Habedank
Jim St. James Rensselaer Dec 07 Jim St. James, Jordans and James, Jim St. James
Robert Rolfe Feddersen Rensselaer Dec 21 Robert Rolfe Feddersen, Robert Rolfe Feddersen
Harpeth Rising Rensselaer Feb 23, 2018 Harpeth Rising