Red Deer, Canada
Upcoming Live Local Concerts and Tour Dates 2017

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Upcoming Dates

Date Lineup Venue
Lock Smith Red Deer Sep 20 Lock Smith, Kung Fu Vampire
Kung Fu Vampire Red Deer Sep 20 Kung Fu Vampire, Locksmith, Noise
Ryan Langlois Red Deer Sep 21 Ryan Langlois, Carter Felker, Nathan Danser
Divinity Red Deer Sep 21 Divinity, Expain, Follow the Sorrow and 1 more...
Whale and the Wolf Red Deer Sep 22 Whale and the Wolf
Wise Youngblood Red Deer Sep 22 Wise Youngblood
Nice Horse Red Deer Sep 23 Nice Horse
Kman and the 45's Red Deer Sep 24 Kman and the 45's
Potter's Clay Quartet Red Deer Sep 29 Potter's Clay Quartet
Young Howler Red Deer Sep 29 Young Howler, the wilderness of manitoba
Informants Red Deer Sep 29 Informants
the wilderness of manitoba Red Deer Sep 29 the wilderness of manitoba
Dennis Jones Band Red Deer Sep 29 Dennis Jones Band
Ryon Holmedal Red Deer Oct 01 Ryon Holmedal
Julie Red Deer Oct 05 Julie
The Wrong Guys Red Deer Oct 05 The Wrong Guys
Close Talker Red Deer Oct 06 Close Talker, Wintersleep
Wintersleep Red Deer Oct 06 Wintersleep
Brendan Lyons Red Deer Oct 07 Brendan Lyons
Robbie G Red Deer Oct 07 Robbie G