Rapallo, Italy
Upcoming Live Local Concerts and Tour Dates 2017

Popular Artists Playing Near Rapallo

Upcoming Dates

Date Lineup Venue
JAY-S Rapallo Nov 24 JAY-S
Rills Rapallo Nov 24 Rills
Mattia Corradi Rapallo Nov 24 Mattia Corradi
Elle Mary Rapallo Nov 25 Elle Mary
Joan Thiele Rapallo Nov 25 Joan Thiele
Rodhad Rapallo Nov 25 Rodhad
Enrico Sangiuliano Rapallo Nov 25 Enrico Sangiuliano
Federico Seven Rapallo Nov 25 Federico Seven
Edoardo Bennato Rapallo Nov 26 Edoardo Bennato
Willie Peyote Rapallo Dec 01 Willie Peyote
Dutch Nazari Rapallo Dec 01 Dutch Nazari
Kettle of Kites Rapallo Dec 01 Kettle of Kites
Omar Akhrif Rapallo Dec 01 Omar Akhrif
Preda Rapallo Dec 01 Preda
Nizer Rapallo Dec 01 Nizer
Hemka Rapallo Dec 03 Hemka
Vinicio Capossela Rapallo Dec 06 Vinicio Capossela
Gazzelle Rapallo Dec 08 Gazzelle
Superbattito Club Rapallo Dec 08 Superbattito Club
The King Stones Rapallo Dec 14 The King Stones