Pravia, Spain
Upcoming Live Local Concerts and Tour Dates 2017

Upcoming Dates

Date Lineup Venue
Magdalene Blue Pravia Aug 20 Magdalene Blue
We Ride Pravia Aug 26 We Ride
We Ride Vigo Hardcore Pravia Aug 26 We Ride Vigo Hardcore
Bombino Pravia Aug 26 Bombino
Rural Zombies Pravia Aug 27 Rural Zombies
E-Force Pravia Aug 31 E-Force
DEEPDELAY Pravia Sep 01 DEEPDELAY, Javi Reina
Javi Reina Pravia Sep 01 Javi Reina
Adriana López Pravia Sep 02 Adriana López
Ellen Allien Pravia Sep 07 Ellen Allien
The Steepwater Band Pravia Sep 12 The Steepwater Band
Tijuana Bibles Pravia Sep 16 Tijuana Bibles
Daniel Garlitsky Pravia Sep 17 Daniel Garlitsky
Supersuckers Pravia Sep 17 Supersuckers
The Real McKenzies Pravia Sep 18 The Real McKenzies
molly burch Pravia Sep 20 molly burch
Dani Martín Pravia Sep 21 Dani Martín
Tom Swoon Pravia Sep 23 Tom Swoon
Stacey Kent Pravia Sep 23 Stacey Kent, Jim Tomlinson
Jim Tomlinson Pravia Sep 23 Jim Tomlinson