Prattsburgh, NY
Upcoming Live Local Concerts and Tour Dates 2017

Popular Artists Playing Near Prattsburgh

Upcoming Dates

Date Lineup Venue
Count Blastula Prattsburgh Sep 24 Count Blastula
Tom Keifer (Official) Prattsburgh Sep 24 Tom Keifer (Official)
Warrant Prattsburgh Sep 24 Warrant
Personal Blend Prattsburgh Sep 28 Personal Blend
Tenzin Chopak Prattsburgh Sep 29 Tenzin Chopak, Tenzin Chopak, Ashley Ickes, Ray McNamara
Parmalee Prattsburgh Sep 29 Parmalee
Green Rose Acoustic Prattsburgh Sep 30 Green Rose Acoustic
Sirsy Prattsburgh Sep 30 Sirsy
Paulsen Baker Band Prattsburgh Sep 30 Paulsen Baker Band
Tenzin Chopak Prattsburgh Sep 30 Tenzin Chopak, Tenzin Chopak Solo
Virgil Cain Prattsburgh Sep 30 Virgil Cain
CMAC Gift Certificate Prattsburgh Oct 01 CMAC Gift Certificate
Bess Greenberg Prattsburgh Oct 04 Bess Greenberg
Charcoal Tongue Prattsburgh Oct 06 Charcoal Tongue
The Last Ten Seconds of Life Prattsburgh Oct 06 The Last Ten Seconds of Life
36 Crazyfists Prattsburgh Oct 06 36 Crazyfists
Bess Greenberg Prattsburgh Oct 06 Bess Greenberg
Lennon 77 Prattsburgh Oct 07 Lennon 77
Hilton Valentine Prattsburgh Oct 07 Hilton Valentine
Mark Hudson Prattsburgh Oct 07 Mark Hudson