Portlaoise, Ireland
Upcoming Live Local Concerts and Tour Dates 2017

Popular Artists Playing Near Portlaoise

Upcoming Dates

Date Lineup Venue
The Burning Hell Portlaoise Sep 23 The Burning Hell
Shane Hennessy Portlaoise Sep 23 Shane Hennessy, Clive Barnes
Who knows Portlaoise Sep 23 Who knows
Transmitter Portlaoise Sep 24 Transmitter
Bluemoose Portlaoise Sep 24 Bluemoose
Wrecking Ball Portlaoise Sep 24 Wrecking Ball
Worry Dolls Portlaoise Sep 29 Worry Dolls
Anna-Liese Portlaoise Sep 29 Anna-Liese, Anna-Liese
Ultimate Garth Brooks Experience Portlaoise Sep 30 Ultimate Garth Brooks Experience, Trevor Smith & Friends In Low Places
Trevor Smith & Friends In Low Places Portlaoise Sep 30 Trevor Smith & Friends In Low Places
Pete Kennedy Portlaoise Oct 07 Pete Kennedy
Derek Ryan Portlaoise Oct 08 Derek Ryan
Panic Animal Portlaoise Oct 13 Panic Animal
Chris Wood Portlaoise Oct 14 Chris Wood, Call or Text 0872238040 to Reserve Tickets.
Phil Rudd Band Portlaoise Oct 14 Phil Rudd Band
Turas Portlaoise Oct 14 Turas
Santoria Portlaoise Oct 14 Santoria
Craig Gallagher Music Portlaoise Oct 15 Craig Gallagher Music
Chris Wood Portlaoise Oct 18 Chris Wood
The 4 of Us Portlaoise Oct 20 The 4 of Us