Porsgrunn, Norway
Upcoming Live Local Concerts and Tour Dates 2017

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Upcoming Dates

Date Lineup Venue
Ni Liv Porsgrunn Sep 22 Ni Liv
Rita Eriksen Porsgrunn Sep 22 Rita Eriksen, Rita Eriksen
Ni Liv Porsgrunn Sep 23 Ni Liv
PUST Porsgrunn Sep 23 PUST, PUST
Knut Reiersrud Porsgrunn Sep 24 Knut Reiersrud
Himmelskip Porsgrunn Sep 24 Himmelskip
Iver Kleive Porsgrunn Sep 24 Iver Kleive
Stine Mari Langstrand Porsgrunn Sep 24 Stine Mari Langstrand, Canto Libre
Caged fury 1 Porsgrunn Sep 30 Caged fury 1
Saints & Sinners - A tribute to Whitesnake Porsgrunn Sep 30 Saints & Sinners - A tribute to Whitesnake
Forgetaboutit Porsgrunn Oct 06 Forgetaboutit, Dårlig Hjort, Life Lessons and 1 more...
The Devil And The Almighty Blues Porsgrunn Oct 06 The Devil And The Almighty Blues, Blues Pills
Halcyon Days Porsgrunn Oct 07 Halcyon Days, Atena, National Freakshow
Atena Porsgrunn Oct 07 Atena
Trygve Skaug Porsgrunn Oct 12 Trygve Skaug
Odd Nordstoga Porsgrunn Oct 12 Odd Nordstoga
Cezinando Porsgrunn Oct 14 Cezinando
Shaun Bartlett Porsgrunn Oct 20 Shaun Bartlett
This Is My House Porsgrunn Oct 21 This Is My House
House By The Lake Porsgrunn Oct 21 House By The Lake