Pontiac, IL
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Upcoming Dates

Date Lineup Venue
Chicago Farmer Pontiac Sep 22 Chicago Farmer
Edward David Anderson Pontiac Sep 22 Edward David Anderson, Chicago Farmer
River Road Pontiac Sep 22 River Road
Brushville Pontiac Sep 22 Brushville
The Unemployed Architects fanpage Pontiac Sep 23 The Unemployed Architects fanpage
Donny Brewer Pontiac Sep 23 Donny Brewer
Highly Suspect Pontiac Sep 23 Highly Suspect
Michael W. Smith Pontiac Sep 23 Michael W. Smith, Michael W. Smith, Grayson Reed
Grayson Reed Pontiac Sep 23 Grayson Reed
DJ Redbees Pontiac Sep 23 DJ Redbees
Scott Marek Pontiac Sep 23 Scott Marek
Mike Silvestri Music Pontiac Sep 24 Mike Silvestri Music
Illinois State University Symphonic Bands Pontiac Sep 24 Illinois State University Symphonic Bands
The Foreigner Pontiac Sep 27 The Foreigner
A Lie of the Mind Pontiac Sep 27 A Lie of the Mind
The Jukebox Romantics Pontiac Sep 27 The Jukebox Romantics, From Parts Unknown, Dirty Rotten Revenge
Kyle Yap Pontiac Sep 28 Kyle Yap
Hard Working Americans Pontiac Sep 28 Hard Working Americans, The Steepwater Band
The Steepwater Band Pontiac Sep 28 The Steepwater Band
Dipsomania Fans Pontiac Sep 28 Dipsomania Fans