Płońsk, Poland
Upcoming Live Local Concerts and Tour Dates 2017

Popular Artists Playing Near Płońsk

Upcoming Dates

Date Lineup Venue
Kiasmos Live Płońsk Oct 26 Kiasmos Live
Amaranthe Płońsk Oct 27 Amaranthe, Eluveitie
AudioFeels Płońsk Oct 28 AudioFeels
Our Last Night Płońsk Oct 31 Our Last Night, Our Last Night, Blessthefall and 1 more...
Blessthefall Płońsk Oct 31 Blessthefall
Kadavar Płońsk Nov 02 Kadavar
Vitalic Live Płońsk Nov 04 Vitalic Live
Bonobo Płońsk Nov 05 Bonobo
Udo Dirkschneider Płońsk Nov 06 Udo Dirkschneider
BatAAr Płońsk Nov 10 BatAAr, Morrigan
Anathema  Płońsk Nov 12 Anathema , Alcest -official-
Alcest -official- Płońsk Nov 12 Alcest -official-, Anathema
Death Angel Płońsk Nov 15 Death Angel
Furia Płońsk Nov 17 Furia
Lombard Płońsk Nov 18 Lombard
Serotonina Płońsk Nov 18 Serotonina
Ten Years After Płońsk Nov 19 Ten Years After
Stick to Your Guns Płońsk Nov 21 Stick to Your Guns, Being As An Ocean, Silent Planet
Being As An Ocean Płońsk Nov 21 Being As An Ocean
Silent Planet Płońsk Nov 21 Silent Planet