Plattling, Germany
Upcoming Live Local Concerts and Tour Dates 2017

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Upcoming Dates

Date Lineup Venue
Venom Prison Plattling Aug 18 Venom Prison
Leon Line Plattling Aug 19 Leon Line
Tobi S. Plattling Aug 19 Tobi S.
Tim McMillan Plattling Aug 25 Tim McMillan
Bruce Phillis Plattling Aug 26 Bruce Phillis
DJ Habelá Plattling Aug 26 DJ Habelá
Tobi S. Plattling Aug 26 Tobi S.
weiherer Plattling Aug 30 weiherer
Test mit SonderzeichenProzentig Plattling Sep 01 Test mit SonderzeichenProzentig
LaBrassBanda Plattling Sep 01 LaBrassBanda
Bruce Phillis Plattling Sep 01 Bruce Phillis
Die Stockhiatla Plattling Sep 05 Die Stockhiatla
Phosphor (Official) Plattling Sep 09 Phosphor (Official)
DJ Habelá Plattling Sep 16 DJ Habelá
The Johnny Cash Show Plattling Sep 16 The Johnny Cash Show
Indigorado Plattling Sep 20 Indigorado, Conrad Vingoe
Haindling Plattling Sep 22 Haindling
Haindling  Plattling Sep 22 Haindling 
Rik Harris Plattling Sep 22 Rik Harris
Albert Hammond Plattling Sep 23 Albert Hammond