Plainfield, VT
Upcoming Live Local Concerts and Tour Dates 2017

Popular Artists Playing Near Plainfield

Upcoming Dates

Date Lineup Venue
Antoine Dufour Plainfield Oct 25 Antoine Dufour, Antoine Dufour
Erin Cassels-Brown Plainfield Oct 26 Erin Cassels-Brown
Strangled Darlings Plainfield Oct 27 Strangled Darlings
The Owl Stars Plainfield Oct 28 The Owl Stars
The Tsunamibots Plainfield Oct 31 The Tsunamibots
The Speedbumps Plainfield Nov 02 The Speedbumps
My Mother's Moustache Plainfield Nov 03 My Mother's Moustache
Eric Schwartz Plainfield Nov 03 Eric Schwartz
My Mother's Moustache Plainfield Nov 03 My Mother's Moustache
AliT Plainfield Nov 04 AliT
The Conniption Fits Plainfield Nov 04 The Conniption Fits
Gibson Brothers Plainfield Nov 05 Gibson Brothers, Gibson Brothers
Joe K. Walsh Plainfield Nov 09 Joe K. Walsh, Avril Smith, John Mailander and 1 more...
Lost Buffalo Artists Plainfield Nov 09 Lost Buffalo Artists
Rosanne Cash Plainfield Nov 11 Rosanne Cash
My Mother's Moustache Plainfield Nov 11 My Mother's Moustache
Mister Burns Plainfield Nov 11 Mister Burns
The Jess Novak Band Plainfield Nov 17 The Jess Novak Band
The CopOuts Plainfield Nov 17 The CopOuts, CopOuts
Sharon Shannon Plainfield Nov 18 Sharon Shannon