Pesaro, Italy
Upcoming Live Local Concerts and Tour Dates 2017

Popular Artists Playing Near Pesaro

Upcoming Dates

Date Lineup Venue
Irie Love Pesaro Sep 24 Irie Love
CUT (IT) Pesaro Oct 07 CUT (IT), The Strait Jackets
R  Y  F Pesaro Oct 13 R Y F
Lail Arad Pesaro Oct 15 Lail Arad, JF Robitaille
Luciano Ligabue Pesaro Oct 18 Luciano Ligabue
Viscera/// Pesaro Oct 21 Viscera///, bologna violenta, Buffalo Grillz and 1 more...
Lost in Kiev Pesaro Oct 22 Lost in Kiev, Thalos
Arrows of Love Pesaro Oct 28 Arrows of Love
Coez Pesaro Oct 31 Coez
Zolle Pesaro Nov 03 Zolle
Bryan Adams Pesaro Nov 15 Bryan Adams
The Suitcase Junket Pesaro Nov 17 The Suitcase Junket
Cristiano De André Pesaro Dec 07 Cristiano De André
La Peppers - RHCP Tribute band Pesaro Dec 08 La Peppers - RHCP Tribute band
Eusebio Martinelli Gipsy Orkestar Pesaro Dec 15 Eusebio Martinelli Gipsy Orkestar, Eusebio Martinelli - tromba, voce, conchiglia marina e bombardino, Jack Citronella - chitarra and 2 more...
La Peppers - RHCP Tribute band Pesaro Dec 22 La Peppers - RHCP Tribute band
Gianni Morandi Pesaro Feb 24, 2018 Gianni Morandi