Pervoural'sk, Russia
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Upcoming Dates

Date Lineup Venue
Sete Star Sept Pervoural'sk Sep 24 Sete Star Sept, Sete Star Sept, Bastard Youth and 1 more...
Gareth Pearson Pervoural'sk Oct 05 Gareth Pearson
Arch Enemy Pervoural'sk Oct 08 Arch Enemy
Вячеслав Мясников Pervoural'sk Oct 16 Вячеслав Мясников
The 69 Eyes Pervoural'sk Oct 19 The 69 Eyes
Powerwolf Pervoural'sk Oct 25 Powerwolf
hurts Pervoural'sk Oct 29 hurts
The Kooks Pervoural'sk Nov 03 The Kooks
Mason Pervoural'sk Nov 10 Mason
GusGus Pervoural'sk Nov 10 GusGus
Our Last Night Pervoural'sk Nov 16 Our Last Night, Our Last Night, Blessthefall and 1 more...
Oxxxymiron Pervoural'sk Nov 22 Oxxxymiron, Porchy, Oxpa
Porchy Pervoural'sk Nov 22 Porchy
Oxpa Pervoural'sk Nov 22 Oxpa
Finntroll Pervoural'sk Nov 23 Finntroll
Adam Gontier Pervoural'sk Nov 25 Adam Gontier
Ирина Круг Pervoural'sk Nov 25 Ирина Круг
Patricia Kaas Pervoural'sk Dec 03 Patricia Kaas
Red Elvises Pervoural'sk Jan 12, 2018 Red Elvises
Rage Pervoural'sk Jan 28, 2018 Rage