Parkersburg, WV
Upcoming Live Local Concerts and Tour Dates 2017

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Upcoming Dates

Date Lineup Venue
ForeverAtLast Parkersburg Sep 28 ForeverAtLast
Worst Kept Secret Parkersburg Sep 28 Worst Kept Secret, Dino Drive, Disillusion Effect and 2 more...
Amelia White Parkersburg Sep 29 Amelia White
The David Wells Project Parkersburg Sep 30 The David Wells Project
Kevin Howard Band Parkersburg Sep 30 Kevin Howard Band
Otis Crockron Parkersburg Sep 30 Otis Crockron
Company Parkersburg Sep 30 Company
Jason Lovins Band Parkersburg Sep 30 Jason Lovins Band
Stone Senate Parkersburg Sep 30 Stone Senate, Davisson Brothers Band
Chris Shepard, Drum Set Operator Parkersburg Sep 30 Chris Shepard, Drum Set Operator, Taylor Sams
Jason Lovins Band Parkersburg Oct 01 Jason Lovins Band
Anthony Mossburg Parkersburg Oct 06 Anthony Mossburg, Trent Harmon, Adam Melchor
Fletcher's Grove Parkersburg Oct 07 Fletcher's Grove
Catapult Parkersburg Oct 08 Catapult
LDNL Parkersburg Oct 14 LDNL
Chris Shepard, Drum Set Operator Parkersburg Oct 14 Chris Shepard, Drum Set Operator, Michael Smith Band
Matt Maraist Parkersburg Oct 15 Matt Maraist
64 To Grayson Parkersburg Oct 21 64 To Grayson
Chanticleer Parkersburg Oct 23 Chanticleer
Tyler Childers Parkersburg Oct 27 Tyler Childers