Paonia, CO
Upcoming Live Local Concerts and Tour Dates 2017

Upcoming Dates

Date Lineup Venue
A.J. Fullerton  Paonia Sep 22 A.J. Fullerton , AJ Fullerton Trio
Let Them Roar Paonia Sep 23 Let Them Roar, Andy Frasco
The Voice of the San Juans Paonia Sep 23 The Voice of the San Juans
Andy Frasco Paonia Sep 23 Andy Frasco
Saturday Sundown Swing Paonia Sep 23 Saturday Sundown Swing
Montrose Oktoberfest 2017 Paonia Sep 30 Montrose Oktoberfest 2017
Intuit band Paonia Sep 30 Intuit band
Erik Stucky Music Paonia Oct 07 Erik Stucky Music, David Starr, Erik Stucky
Erik Stucky Music Paonia Oct 08 Erik Stucky Music, Erik Stucky
Ariana Saraha Paonia Oct 08 Ariana Saraha, Fernando Medina
George Winston Paonia Oct 10 George Winston
Backup Planet Paonia Oct 18 Backup Planet, Backup Planet
Moira Smiley Paonia Oct 22 Moira Smiley
A Halloween Masquerade Paonia Nov 04 A Halloween Masquerade
Eleanor Tallie Paonia Nov 08 Eleanor Tallie
Formula 5 Paonia Nov 16 Formula 5
Cycles Paonia Nov 16 Cycles, Formula 5
You Knew Me When Paonia Nov 25 You Knew Me When, Justin Evan Thompson, You Knew M
You Knew Me When Paonia Nov 29 You Knew Me When