Oxford, AL
Upcoming Live Local Concerts and Tour Dates 2017

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Upcoming Dates

Date Lineup Venue
Allison Speer Oxford Sep 22 Allison Speer
Chris Simmons (US) Oxford Sep 22 Chris Simmons (US)
Russ Taff Oxford Sep 23 Russ Taff
Bowling Family Oxford Sep 23 Bowling Family
Bowling Sisters Oxford Sep 23 Bowling Sisters
Sherri Miller Oxford Sep 23 Sherri Miller
The Griffith Family Oxford Sep 23 The Griffith Family
The Sharps Quartet Oxford Sep 23 The Sharps Quartet
Sweet Tea Trio Oxford Sep 23 Sweet Tea Trio, Smithfield
Allison Speer Oxford Sep 23 Allison Speer
Smithfield Oxford Sep 23 Smithfield
Chris Simmons (US) Oxford Sep 23 Chris Simmons (US)
Opposite Box Oxford Sep 23 Opposite Box
BlackBerry Breeze Oxford Sep 23 BlackBerry Breeze
The Steeles Oxford Sep 24 The Steeles
The Shadrix Oxford Sep 24 The Shadrix
Allison Speer Oxford Sep 24 Allison Speer
South of Heaven Oxford Sep 29 South of Heaven
Drummond FamilyMinistry Oxford Oct 01 Drummond FamilyMinistry
The Shaneyfelt Family Oxford Oct 01 The Shaneyfelt Family