Ovid, NY
Upcoming Live Local Concerts and Tour Dates 2017

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Upcoming Dates

Date Lineup Venue
Kitestring Ovid Sep 24 Kitestring
Fall Creek Brass Band Ovid Sep 24 Fall Creek Brass Band
Aaron Rizzo Ovid Sep 24 Aaron Rizzo, The Aaron Rizzo Trio
Stan Stewart Ovid Sep 24 Stan Stewart, Stan Stewart
Tenzin Chopak Ovid Sep 24 Tenzin Chopak, Tenzin Chopak, Ashley Ickes, Ray McNamara, and special guests Bryan Davis and Angelo Peters!
Chris Jamison Ovid Sep 26 Chris Jamison
Dapper Dan Ovid Sep 27 Dapper Dan
Feed the Fire! Ovid Sep 27 Feed the Fire!
Janet Batch Ovid Sep 27 Janet Batch
Bess Greenberg Ovid Sep 27 Bess Greenberg
Loren Barrigar Ovid Sep 27 Loren Barrigar
Mark Mazengarb Ovid Sep 27 Mark Mazengarb
Reggae Night Ovid Sep 27 Reggae Night
The Crucial Reggae Social Club Ovid Sep 27 The Crucial Reggae Social Club
Hungrytown Ovid Sep 28 Hungrytown
Moor Mother Ovid Sep 28 Moor Mother
Powerdove Ovid Sep 28 Powerdove
Robot Detective Ovid Sep 28 Robot Detective
Comedy Night Ovid Sep 28 Comedy Night
Best 303 Sounds Ovid Sep 28 Best 303 Sounds, Scarlet Canary