Ostrov, Czech Republic
Upcoming Live Local Concerts and Tour Dates 2017

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Upcoming Dates

Date Lineup Venue
Her (USA) Ostrov Sep 23 Her (USA)
Tankard Ostrov Sep 23 Tankard
Grimgod Ostrov Sep 23 Grimgod
Sierra Noble Ostrov Sep 23 Sierra Noble
normal ist anders Ostrov Sep 23 normal ist anders
Welicoruss Ostrov Sep 24 Welicoruss
Eastwood Haze Ostrov Sep 24 Eastwood Haze, Eastwood Haze, HIGH TRANSITION and 1 more...
Born From Pain Ostrov Sep 28 Born From Pain
Sherwolf Ostrov Sep 29 Sherwolf, The WOE Gothenburg, Paulinchen Brennt
Bibi Blocksberg Ostrov Sep 30 Bibi Blocksberg
Kickin Valentina Ostrov Sep 30 Kickin Valentina, Nitrogods, MF Ruckus
Nitrogods Ostrov Sep 30 Nitrogods
MF Ruckus Ostrov Sep 30 MF Ruckus
Staryend Ostrov Oct 01 Staryend
Ostblockschlampen Ostrov Oct 02 Ostblockschlampen
Risk It Ostrov Oct 06 Risk It, STOLEN MIND
Chasing Christy Ostrov Oct 06 Chasing Christy
Ben Bløødygrave Ostrov Oct 06 Ben Bløødygrave
Die Olsenbande Ostrov Oct 06 Die Olsenbande