Orosi, CA
Upcoming Live Local Concerts and Tour Dates 2017

Popular Artists Playing Near Orosi

Upcoming Dates

Date Lineup Venue
Leaving Austin Orosi Nov 25 Leaving Austin
JJ Brown Orosi Nov 25 JJ Brown
The Shaw Family Band Orosi Nov 26 The Shaw Family Band
Pink Martini Orosi Dec 01 Pink Martini, singer China Forbes
singer China Forbes Orosi Dec 01 singer China Forbes
Risky Biscuits Orosi Dec 01 Risky Biscuits
Mariachi Los Camperos Orosi Dec 01 Mariachi Los Camperos
Cottonwood Creek Orosi Dec 01 Cottonwood Creek
Terra Bella Orosi Dec 02 Terra Bella
Elias Dummer Orosi Dec 02 Elias Dummer
An Irish Christmas Orosi Dec 02 An Irish Christmas
Francis Cabildo Music Orosi Dec 03 Francis Cabildo Music
Marisol Park Orosi Dec 03 Marisol Park
Terra Bella Orosi Dec 03 Terra Bella
Elias Dummer Orosi Dec 03 Elias Dummer
Robert Cray Orosi Dec 03 Robert Cray
It's a Wonderful Life Orosi Dec 06 It's a Wonderful Life
Avenue 28 Orosi Dec 06 Avenue 28, Gilligans
Holly Starr Orosi Dec 08 Holly Starr
Rudy Parris Orosi Dec 09 Rudy Parris