Orangeville, IL
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Date Lineup Venue
Dave Weld and The Imperial Flames - Tour Dates Orangeville Sep 20 Dave Weld and The Imperial Flames - Tour Dates
Kirstie Kraus Orangeville Sep 24 Kirstie Kraus, Thirsty Jones
Thirsty Jones Orangeville Sep 24 Thirsty Jones, Kirstie Kraus
Summer Son Orangeville Sep 24 Summer Son
Jef Spradley Orangeville Sep 24 Jef Spradley
Eye of the Beholder Orangeville Sep 30 Eye of the Beholder
The Most of Me Orangeville Sep 30 The Most of Me
Static Signal Orangeville Sep 30 Static Signal, Static Signal
KillBourn Orangeville Sep 30 KillBourn
Robbie Fulks Orangeville Oct 06 Robbie Fulks
The Ethan Bell Band Orangeville Oct 07 The Ethan Bell Band
Static Signal Orangeville Oct 07 Static Signal, Karma & Effect, Amberstein and 1 more...
Jason Gray Orangeville Oct 22 Jason Gray
The Family Business Orangeville Oct 27 The Family Business
KillBourn Orangeville Oct 28 KillBourn
The Family Business Orangeville Nov 11 The Family Business
The Whiskeybelles Orangeville Nov 18 The Whiskeybelles
Jef Spradley Orangeville Nov 18 Jef Spradley
KillBourn Orangeville Dec 09 KillBourn
Jonny Diaz Orangeville Dec 10 Jonny Diaz