Opalenica, Poland
Upcoming Live Local Concerts and Tour Dates 2017

Popular Artists Playing Near Opalenica

Upcoming Dates

Date Lineup Venue
Esben and the Witch Opalenica Sep 24 Esben and the Witch
Lipali Opalenica Sep 24 Lipali
Lacerated And Carbonized Opalenica Sep 26 Lacerated And Carbonized
Father Murphy Opalenica Sep 28 Father Murphy, Jarboe
Me and That Man Opalenica Sep 28 Me and That Man
Sailor & I Opalenica Sep 29 Sailor & I
Dave Mayer Opalenica Sep 30 Dave Mayer
I Am Giant Opalenica Oct 03 I Am Giant
New Volume Opalenica Oct 03 New Volume
Stu Larsen Opalenica Oct 04 Stu Larsen
AIR RAID Opalenica Oct 04 AIR RAID
Naxatras Opalenica Oct 05 Naxatras
In Memory of George Michael Opalenica Oct 07 In Memory of George Michael
Soft Kill Opalenica Oct 07 Soft Kill
Adam Joseph Opalenica Oct 07 Adam Joseph
Matt5ki Opalenica Oct 07 Matt5ki
TSA Opalenica Oct 08 TSA
The Maness Brothers Opalenica Oct 10 The Maness Brothers
Shawn James Opalenica Oct 10 Shawn James
Daria Zawiałow Opalenica Oct 12 Daria Zawiałow