Odeshog, Sweden
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Upcoming Dates

Date Lineup Venue
Amaranthe Odeshog Sep 01 Amaranthe
Cockey's Bill's & the missing Link Odeshog Sep 02 Cockey's Bill's & the missing Link
Jon Henrik Fjällgren Odeshog Sep 02 Jon Henrik Fjällgren
Svenne Rubins Odeshog Sep 02 Svenne Rubins
Robert Jon & the Wreck Odeshog Sep 03 Robert Jon & the Wreck
Christopher Paul Stelling Odeshog Sep 05 Christopher Paul Stelling
Dead Like Juliet Odeshog Sep 07 Dead Like Juliet
Violet Green And All Between Odeshog Sep 09 Violet Green And All Between
I en sal på lasarettet Odeshog Sep 10 I en sal på lasarettet
Trees Odeshog Sep 12 Trees
Love Odeshog Sep 12 Love
Birdcloud Odeshog Sep 15 Birdcloud
Anna Fermin's Trigger Gospel Odeshog Sep 21 Anna Fermin's Trigger Gospel, Trigger Gospel, John Mitchell & Sofie Jonsson
A line_up Odeshog Sep 22 A line_up
Marching for love Odeshog Sep 29 Marching for love
Butterfly Odeshog Sep 30 Butterfly
Kinema Odeshog Oct 03 Kinema
Lena Lövdahl tolkar Bellman Odeshog Oct 15 Lena Lövdahl tolkar Bellman
Dimensioner Odeshog Oct 20 Dimensioner