Odem, TX
Upcoming Live Local Concerts and Tour Dates 2017

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Upcoming Dates

Date Lineup Venue
Billy Snipes Odem Sep 26 Billy Snipes
Open Mic Night hosted by Rev Matt Martinez Odem Sep 26 Open Mic Night hosted by Rev Matt Martinez
Scarecrow People Odem Sep 27 Scarecrow People
The Well Odem Sep 28 The Well
Switchblade Jesus Odem Sep 28 Switchblade Jesus
Swedish Ropes Odem Sep 28 Swedish Ropes
The Highest Control Odem Sep 28 The Highest Control
Aaron Einhouse Odem Sep 28 Aaron Einhouse
Dylan Kenny Odem Sep 28 Dylan Kenny
Vatican Odem Sep 29 Vatican, Purity, Dwell and 1 more...
Corpus Christi IceRays Odem Sep 29 Corpus Christi IceRays
Henry Odem Sep 29 Henry
Skanks Roots Project Odem Sep 29 Skanks Roots Project
The Bad Chords Odem Sep 29 The Bad Chords
Preston Hodge Odem Sep 29 Preston Hodge
Kwamevi Odem Sep 29 Kwamevi
Kansas Odem Sep 29 Kansas
Five Card Draw Odem Sep 29 Five Card Draw
BONNET Odem Sep 29 BONNET, Noah and The Beyonders, One Dollar Bob and 1 more...
Chris Hays Music Odem Sep 30 Chris Hays Music