Newport, VT
Upcoming Live Local Concerts and Tour Dates 2017

Popular Artists Playing Near Newport

Upcoming Dates

Date Lineup Venue
Erin Cassels-Brown Newport Sep 27 Erin Cassels-Brown
The CopOuts Newport Sep 30 The CopOuts, CopOuts
Swingin' Newport Sep 30 Swingin'
Shwizz Newport Sep 30 Shwizz
Adam Karch Newport Oct 01 Adam Karch
Sarah Pagé Newport Oct 02 Sarah Pagé, Bùmarang
Charles-Antoine Gosselin Newport Oct 06 Charles-Antoine Gosselin
Dj John Cardona Newport Oct 07 Dj John Cardona
2Frères Newport Oct 07 2Frères
Marianne Trudel Newport Oct 07 Marianne Trudel
Trifolia Newport Oct 07 Trifolia
8th Annual Bean Newport Oct 14 8th Annual Bean
Brew Newport Oct 14 Brew
Random Chance Band Newport Oct 14 Random Chance Band
Marie Onile Newport Oct 14 Marie Onile
MG3: Montreal Guitar Trio / Montréal Guitare Trio Newport Oct 15 MG3: Montreal Guitar Trio / Montréal Guitare Trio
Tod Pronto Newport Oct 20 Tod Pronto
Gabriella Newport Oct 20 Gabriella
Echoes - Hommage à Pink Floyd Newport Oct 21 Echoes - Hommage à Pink Floyd
Nicolas Patterson Newport Oct 27 Nicolas Patterson, Cheshire Carr