Newport, NC
Upcoming Live Local Concerts and Tour Dates 2017

Popular Artists Playing Near Newport

Upcoming Dates

Date Lineup Venue
Monjah Newport Sep 22 Monjah
Werewolves of Morehead Newport Sep 23 Werewolves of Morehead
Steel County Express Newport Sep 23 Steel County Express
Carolina Sky Newport Sep 29 Carolina Sky
Freeway Newport Sep 29 Freeway
Dom Flemons Newport Oct 06 Dom Flemons
J LANE Newport Oct 06 J LANE
The Soul Psychedelique Newport Oct 06 The Soul Psychedelique
Monjah Newport Oct 06 Monjah
Brittany Jean Newport Oct 07 Brittany Jean
Caleb Caudle Newport Oct 07 Caleb Caudle
Adairs Run Newport Oct 07 Adairs Run
Monjah Newport Oct 07 Monjah
Unity- Band Newport Oct 07 Unity- Band
The Soul Psychedelique Newport Oct 07 The Soul Psychedelique
Honey Island Swamp Band Newport Oct 07 Honey Island Swamp Band
Steel County Express Newport Oct 07 Steel County Express
Sauce Boss Newport Oct 12 Sauce Boss
Freeway Newport Oct 13 Freeway
Bruce Naegelen, singer-songwriter Newport Oct 13 Bruce Naegelen, singer-songwriter