Newark, OH
Upcoming Live Local Concerts and Tour Dates 2017

Popular Artists Playing Near Newark

Upcoming Dates

Date Lineup Venue
Square Thirteen Newark Dec 17 Square Thirteen
Everything Wilts Newark Dec 18 Everything Wilts, Jimmy Mayo, Everything Wilts
Troy Alan Thrash Newark Dec 20 Troy Alan Thrash
Peter Conrad Music Newark Dec 23 Peter Conrad Music
Yours for the Taking Newark Dec 23 Yours for the Taking, Yours for the Taking
Casee Allen Newark Dec 23 Casee Allen
The Door Opening Kenzies Newark Dec 23 The Door Opening Kenzies, The Door Opening Kenzies
Randy Velez Newark Dec 28 Randy Velez
The Wayfarers Newark Dec 29 The Wayfarers
Peter Conrad Music Newark Dec 29 Peter Conrad Music, Stevie Cade, PeterConrad
People of Freedom Newark Dec 29 People of Freedom
The Wayfarers Newark Dec 30 The Wayfarers
Shawn Stewart Newark Dec 30 Shawn Stewart
God's Dirt Newark Dec 31 God's Dirt
8Lb Pressure Newark Dec 31 8Lb Pressure
The Victory Trio Ministries Newark Dec 31 The Victory Trio Ministries, The Mc Daniels Family
Blood Bought Newark Dec 31 Blood Bought
23 Southbound Newark Jan 05, 2018 23 Southbound
Backbone Newark Jan 06, 2018 Backbone
Twenty-Second Dimension Newark Jan 06, 2018 Twenty-Second Dimension