Murphysboro, IL
Upcoming Live Local Concerts and Tour Dates 2017

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Upcoming Dates

Date Lineup Venue
The Great Affairs Murphysboro Sep 23 The Great Affairs
Sugar Lime Blue Murphysboro Sep 23 Sugar Lime Blue
Aaron Kamm and the One Drops Murphysboro Sep 23 Aaron Kamm and the One Drops
The Phillips Band Murphysboro Sep 23 The Phillips Band
Feudin' Hillbillys Murphysboro Sep 23 Feudin' Hillbillys
Adam Lee Murphysboro Sep 24 Adam Lee
Kyle Nachtigal Murphysboro Sep 30 Kyle Nachtigal, Kyle Nachtigal
Southern Illinois Salukis Football Murphysboro Sep 30 Southern Illinois Salukis Football
Northern Iowa Panthers Football Murphysboro Sep 30 Northern Iowa Panthers Football
Iron Bell Music Murphysboro Sep 30 Iron Bell Music
Moccasin Creek Murphysboro Sep 30 Moccasin Creek
SIN-ical618 Johnston City,IL Murphysboro Sep 30 SIN-ical618 Johnston City,IL
Well Hungarians Murphysboro Oct 01 Well Hungarians
Brandon Maddox Murphysboro Oct 01 Brandon Maddox
David Phelps Murphysboro Oct 01 David Phelps, David Phelps
Allegiance Music Ministries Murphysboro Oct 05 Allegiance Music Ministries
The Great Romance Murphysboro Oct 06 The Great Romance
Kevin Ray Brost Murphysboro Oct 06 Kevin Ray Brost
The Tennessee Warblers Murphysboro Oct 06 The Tennessee Warblers
The Great Romance Murphysboro Oct 07 The Great Romance