Morrisburg, Canada
Upcoming Live Local Concerts and Tour Dates 2017

Popular Artists Playing Near Morrisburg

Upcoming Dates

Date Lineup Venue
Amanda Keeley Music Morrisburg Oct 21 Amanda Keeley Music, Amanda Keeley Duo, Amanda Keeley Band
Jadea Kelly Morrisburg Oct 21 Jadea Kelly
Creedence Clearwater Survival Morrisburg Oct 21 Creedence Clearwater Survival
Hayley Jane and the Primates Morrisburg Oct 21 Hayley Jane and the Primates
Rory Taillon Morrisburg Oct 21 Rory Taillon
Crown Lands Morrisburg Oct 21 Crown Lands
Josephine Leone Morrisburg Oct 26 Josephine Leone
Jabbour Morrisburg Oct 27 Jabbour
Ambush Army Morrisburg Oct 27 Ambush Army
Gang of Thieves Morrisburg Oct 27 Gang of Thieves
Black Suit Devil Morrisburg Oct 27 Black Suit Devil
Great Blue Morrisburg Nov 02 Great Blue
Civil Wray Music Morrisburg Nov 03 Civil Wray Music
Civil Wray Music Morrisburg Nov 03 Civil Wray Music
Moonfruits Morrisburg Nov 04 Moonfruits, The O'Pears
Cornwall Nationals Morrisburg Nov 04 Cornwall Nationals
Back Rent Blues Band Morrisburg Nov 04 Back Rent Blues Band
Six Days (US) Morrisburg Nov 04 Six Days (US)
Rory Taillon Morrisburg Nov 05 Rory Taillon
Kashka Morrisburg Nov 05 Kashka, Kashka