Morris, IL
Upcoming Live Local Concerts and Tour Dates 2017

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Upcoming Dates

Date Lineup Venue
Dan DiMonte Morris Sep 25 Dan DiMonte
The Birthday Massacre Morris Sep 25 The Birthday Massacre
September Mourning Morris Sep 25 September Mourning, The Birthday Massacre
Ignescent Morris Sep 25 Ignescent, September Mourning
Open Mic Night! Morris Sep 25 Open Mic Night!
Open Improv @ the Shrine! Morris Sep 25 Open Improv @ the Shrine!
Britt Dignan Morris Sep 28 Britt Dignan
Frontline Morris Sep 28 Frontline, Royal Bliss, Perry Hutchins and 1 more...
A Story Unwritten Morris Sep 28 A Story Unwritten, Royal Bliss
Perry Hutchins Morris Sep 28 Perry Hutchins
The Ethan Bell Band Morris Sep 28 The Ethan Bell Band
Royal Bliss Morris Sep 28 Royal Bliss
Nick Lynch Morris Sep 28 Nick Lynch
River Road Morris Sep 29 River Road
Powertrip Morris Sep 29 Powertrip, Exodus, Obituary
Obituary Morris Sep 29 Obituary
Exodus Morris Sep 29 Exodus, Obituary, Powertrip and 1 more...
Dust Bolt Morris Sep 29 Dust Bolt
Dina Bach Music Morris Sep 29 Dina Bach Music
Britt Dignan Morris Sep 29 Britt Dignan