Monroe, WI
Upcoming Live Local Concerts and Tour Dates 2017

Popular Artists Playing Near Monroe

Upcoming Dates

Date Lineup Venue
Olivia Dvorak Monroe Dec 14 Olivia Dvorak
Briana Patrice Music Monroe Dec 20 Briana Patrice Music
Tracy Jane Comer Monroe Dec 20 Tracy Jane Comer
Good Morning Bedlam Monroe Dec 21 Good Morning Bedlam, Taboo Blah Blah
The Big Wu Monroe Dec 31 The Big Wu, The People Brothers Band
Mark Joseph Monroe Dec 31 Mark Joseph, The People Brothers Band
Dave Moore Monroe Jan 05, 2018 Dave Moore
Dave Moore Monroe Jan 06, 2018 Dave Moore
Mile 134 Monroe Jan 06, 2018 Mile 134, Mile 134, Trivial Pleasure and 2 more...
Dave Moore Monroe Jan 07, 2018 Dave Moore
Briana Patrice Music Monroe Jan 17, 2018 Briana Patrice Music
Corey Cox Monroe Jan 20, 2018 Corey Cox
KillBourn Monroe Jan 20, 2018 KillBourn
Sweet Sheiks Monroe Feb 10, 2018 Sweet Sheiks
The Sweet Sheiks Monroe Feb 10, 2018 The Sweet Sheiks
Davina and The Vagabonds Monroe Feb 16, 2018 Davina and The Vagabonds
Zack Baumgartner Music Monroe Feb 16, 2018 Zack Baumgartner Music
House of Waters Monroe Feb 17, 2018 House of Waters
We've Only Just Begun Monroe Feb 17, 2018 We've Only Just Begun
Briana Patrice Music Monroe Feb 21, 2018 Briana Patrice Music