Milledgeville, IL
Upcoming Live Local Concerts and Tour Dates 2017

Popular Artists Playing Near Milledgeville

Upcoming Dates

Date Lineup Venue
Teenage Mutant 90s Turtles Milledgeville Nov 25 Teenage Mutant 90s Turtles, Teenage Mutant 90s Turtles
The Ethan Bell Band Milledgeville Dec 01 The Ethan Bell Band
KillBourn Milledgeville Dec 09 KillBourn
Jonny Diaz Milledgeville Dec 10 Jonny Diaz
Micah Tyler Milledgeville Dec 12 Micah Tyler, Jasmine Murray
Suburban Cowboys Milledgeville Dec 16 Suburban Cowboys
DJ Krazy Karl Milledgeville Dec 29 DJ Krazy Karl
DJ Krazy Karl Milledgeville Dec 30 DJ Krazy Karl
Bellamy Brothers Band Milledgeville Dec 31 Bellamy Brothers Band
DJ Krazy Karl Milledgeville Dec 31 DJ Krazy Karl
Dave Moore Milledgeville Jan 05, 2018 Dave Moore
Dave Moore Milledgeville Jan 06, 2018 Dave Moore
Brass Buckle Band Milledgeville Jan 06, 2018 Brass Buckle Band
Dave Moore Milledgeville Jan 07, 2018 Dave Moore
Jef Spradley Milledgeville Jan 13, 2018 Jef Spradley
Matthew Bielawa Milledgeville Jan 27, 2018 Matthew Bielawa, Nashville Electric Company
Zack Baumgartner Music Milledgeville Feb 16, 2018 Zack Baumgartner Music
Michael Charles Milledgeville Feb 23, 2018 Michael Charles
RockStar Rodeo Milledgeville Feb 24, 2018 RockStar Rodeo
Brandon Gibbs Music Milledgeville Mar 24, 2018 Brandon Gibbs Music